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The Marcus Giavanni Show Business Entertainment and Technology streaming live all over the World on 1100 KFNX.
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Monopoly of Protection

GP7A on the Marcus Giavanni Show live on 1100 KFNX Proghram Line up.
GP7A on the Marcus Giavanni Show live on 1100 KFNX Proghram Line up.
Future "Families United Together Under Ruled Elections" 2019
Future "Families United Together Under Ruled Elections" 2019

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Published July 31, 2018 1:24 Pm by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | 2019 | City of Denver | 2019 Denver | Future of Denver | Tuesday May 7, 2018 | Denver Voters Will Be Nonpartisan Government 2019 | Ending 54 Year Monopoly | Broncos Super Bowl 2020


City of Denver - 2019 Denver - “Future of Denver will be about the 2019 Mayoral Election for the Future of Denver 2019 and beyond. Candidate for Mayor of the City of Denver is Marcus Giavanni. Marcus Giavanni on January 2, 2019 Denver will learn, and know the Future of Denver, Colorado. - GP7A News”.”

The City of Denver, and the County of Denver, Colorado. Has an Integrity issue. The future 2019 Denver Government, Colorado. Future of Denver

2019 leadership is Wisdom, and the experience to Get-R-done!
2019 leadership is Wisdom, and the experience to Get-R-done!

Future Denver Voters:

Did you also know…

Facebook manipulates content

Where is my face book page for mayor???…exactly!

Pay to play, or your competitors go before you, and

then you pay Facebook, like last election, which I did not do either.

I had like 33 likes, and you could not find my page nowhere, on the internet. 2015 Candidate Marcus Giavanni still came in 2nd with 8,033 votes, or alomost 8.5%.

For the last few election years, I have watched canddiates compete for facebook rankings on google. And I don't need facebook for Google Rankings. On Socail Media only to insight hate, and followers of such.

One way to lose credibility, if I pay. For what is supposed to be free. Personaly most socail media is good. But when it crosses the line of who really is clicking on your page.

Facebook even tells you, if you change the age of your politcal page to 18. Those 13+ will not ba able to view your page, and dislikes for the page could appera.

DO you really need a bunch of 13+ to like a politcal page,, marketed to 18+ voting age. Think about it!

You can’t give into this kind of social take over, with a group that is not old enough to vote. And if you don't pay facebook or linked in. You competitors will be where you are supposed to be, and depending on the catigory. 

This time it's Politics and Candidates. Remeber, in the Future quality likes, verified content, and spin conversations by canddiates who undrsatnd SEO Optimization. And the more they can appera to talk about multiple wannabe experiances, and politcal admerastions of talking like a politcaian, but your actions, or verifiaction thereof, is just that, admerations. 

Denver Voters are way to smart for this simple manipulation of instant experiance, using other peoples words, content, and hopting nobody is paying attention, or helping in fake news, and all the other socail content manipulators. Be carful Google knows everything. (Content manipulators.)

See the Pattern folks?


If there is anything you want me to do for you, call me, email me, or smoke signals...If not just #TaptheVote, and Vote for Marcus Giavanni for "MCCD".


If you want Google Search..."How to Establish Ownership of a Conversation 

My claimed ownership is the Google Video Conversation "About the city and county of Denver"


Google Search it knows, look in Google Search All, Google Search Images,

Google Search Videos. Because my followers show up on voting day!  


Ps, Those 8,033 awesome voters, by the end of 2017, will have told 10 future voters

their candidate, for Mayor 2015 came in 2nd and Marcus Giavanni is a badass for the people of Denver. Period... this is the algorithm you all can't see, that is working like an application in the backgroud, gathering conversation from all those who work, and own a device. -Marcus Giavanni, Candidate for Mayor of Denver 2019.


Not just talk, but actions, that will represent you!  

This conversation by the end of 2018 and those 80,330 future voters will have told, 5 Future Denver Voters. See how the underground silent majority works? Thanks President Donald Trump, but you too only have years. Or you're fired. But for know Prayers to you, your cabinet. 


Then by 2019 those 401,650 future Denver voters told 6 future Denver Voters, for total massive conversation of 2,409,900 Future Denver Voters. No matter who you Vote for …start Voting, so everything tilts, in your favor your neighbors favor, favor our city employees, favor our first responders, favor, favoring our children

and 2nd favors to all of the city and county of Denver.


That’s Nonpartisan…That’s the Future City and County of Denver


Folks, don't donate millions to campaigns, that end up losing, true campaign finance save your money for your children for your retirement, you're going to need it. Future Denver Voters in the city and county of Denver. 

#TapTheVote News 2017
#TapTheVote News 2017
D.O.R.A or better know as Department of Regulatory Agencies
Goes after Resident Business Owner Marcus Giavanni off a Tip
Marcus Giavanni opend For Sale By owner Company in 2013, 
as a start up company, that will create 4,000-6,000 jobs for Denver.

D.O.R.A.:  Department of Regulatory Agencies knew Marcus Giavanni

was again innocent, but they, had to see if they could brake me. did it anyway, they had to. So, for 180 days Marcus Giavanni was under siege once again by another state government entity called D.O.R.A or better known as Department of Regulatory Agencies. Marcus Giavanni received his letter form the investigator for DORA, explaining why they had to investigate For Sale By Owner Company, and Marcus Giavanni. Based on an alleged tip. I f I had a bar of gold, every time some habitual offenders, haters, suppressors, cowards, bullies, organizations, departments, officials. Exposed themselves to me.


One would think you would get to a pint of Kiss my ass…

that’s what you would expect, anyone to say, that has been suppressed, 

ignored, conspired against???

These are the exact reasons, why


 Learn the pattern, behavior, and reaction.

Expose the pattern of a few. But, I decided to use

Innovation, Love, and Peace

In time, everyone will be thinking the same way

Marcus Giavanni started with Zero, and ended with 

8033 Denver Voters for 2015 Elections For Mayor of Denver.


Now, 2019 Candidate for Denver Mayor Marcus Giavanni says is a routine, and for the last 10 years, he is used to it. thus, the reason to run for Mayor of Denver 2019 elections. To be held on

Moor news coming soon...

Stand Up and Be Counted, for What You are About to Recive -Marcus Giavanni

2017 SPNHC Colorado needs to support this Organaztion.
2017 SPNHC Colorado needs to support this Organaztion.